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We save you time and effort in finding short term loans in Canada. We provide you with payday loan matching service which enables you to reach 2 or more lenders immediately after submitting your application on this website.

Using our services can increase your loan approval chances by $ 1500. Firstly because the lenders that we connect to you are able to offer you fast cash at affordable interest rates. Further because contacting multiple lenders at the same time is always better than relying on the decision of a lender who may or may not approve your payday loan application.

Applying through us is also better than contacting 10 online lenders directly. This is because the lenders in our network are among the fastest paying lenders in Canada with minimum eligibility requirements. Although we do not guarantee online loan approval, we are sure that if you meet the basic eligibility requirements of a payment loan and can afford the repayment, you can expect a quick response from these lenders.

Looking For A Bad Credit Loan?

Try applying for these loans for instant payday help. If you have a bad credit note in the past, but your current financial situation is not very bad, then chances are your loan is approved. But in such case the lender can offer you a bad debt loan in which the interest rates are slightly higher than regular payday loans.

To be approved for a bad debt loan, you need to share the correct information about your finances – your income, expenses, other debts and defaults. Sharing any incorrect information will only delay your loan approval. The most important information that lenders examine is your employment history. If you have been working continuously with your current employer for several months, the lenders will have less risk lending you cash money.

Getting approval for a bad credit loan is an ideal opportunity for you to improve your credit rating. If you complete the loan repayments on time, you will be one step ahead in creating a positive credit rating. And you will be able to get more cash advance in future.

Why apply for online loan?

We are affiliated with 40+ licensed financial services providers in Canada
We pass your information through a secure server
We do not access your information. Applications are sent automatically.
We do not charge any fee for online loan matching service.
If approved, you can get several quotes for these loans and compare.

Benefits of an online loan

You can apply 24×7 anytime from home or office.
Loan process online including signing of loan agreement.
If necessary you can negotiate with a lender for a competitive online loan deal.
Ask your lender for customized loan repayment terms.
Payback directly from your bank account in 2-4 weeks.

Implications of non payment

If you ever miss a payday loan installment, you may be fined a missed payment. If you delay the payment, the lender can contact a collection agency and try to recover the full cash loan amount from you. Even if you fail to pay, a bad credit note can be added to your credit register.

Expert advice on taking a cash loan

Make a repayment plan before applying for a cash loan online.
Always read the loan terms and conditions even if you have borrowed cash money from the same lender in the past. Check for interest rates, loan due dates, penalties, non-payment implications and more.
Never miss a loan.

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