Should you be denied access to credit if you have a less-than-perfect credit history? Possibly not. And below you can compare all payday lenders in the UK that offer no credit check payday loans. These loans are convenient if you are short of money due to unexpected spend on things like a broken fridge or washing machine, car repairs or to avoid late fees on credit card bills or bank overdrafts. Be aware that you may still be denied credit though - there are no guarantees that companies will lend to you.

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Need A No Credit Check Payday Loan? only lists UK payday lenders authorised and registered to trade by the Office of Fair Trading. So you can have peace of mind when selecting one of the lenders below. It's so quick and easy to apply for no credit check payday loans - so please make sure you can afford it. Most of the lenders do not require you to fax in any documentation (unless you are a borderline case) and may be able to get the funds you need into your account on the same day that you submit your online loan application.

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